True Friends in English and German Vocabulary – Identical words

Here you will find words which are the same in German and in English.

This table is not complete. Technical and geographical words are listed only in a very small amount because of clarity.

If you know more words, send them by e-mail.

English German
alphabet Alphabet
altar Altar
anorak Anorak
arm Arm
baby Baby
ball Ball
ballet Ballett
band Band
bank Bank (building)
basketball Basketball
bitter bitter
blind blind
blond blond
boss Boss
bring bringen
bus Bus
butter Butter
chance Chance
code Code
computer Computer
cousin Cousin
dessert Dessert
drama Drama
experiment Experiment
extra extra
fair fair
fan Fan
film Film
find finden
finger Finger
firm Firma
fit fit
frost Frost
function Funktion
gas Gas
gold Gold
golf Golf
hammer Hammer
hand Hand
hotel Hotel
hunger Hunger
ideal ideal
illusion Illusion
instrument Instrument
jeans Jeans
kindergarten, pre-school Kindergarten
kitsch Kitsch
material Material
mental mental
minus minus
modern modern
moment Moment
museum Museum
name Name
nation Nation
orange Orange
pack packen
partner Partner
person Person
pilot Pilot
plus plus
pony Pony
post Post
pudding Pudding
pullover Pullover
radio Radio
rest Rest
ring Ring
rose Rose
rucksack Rucksack
singer Singer
ski Ski
sofa Sofa
spray Spray
stress Stress
talent Talent
taxi Taxi
team Team
test Test
text Text
tiger Tiger
toast Toast
toilet Toilette
trainer Trainer
uniform Uniform
vase Vase
video Video
volleyball Volleyball
waldsterben Waldsterben
warm warm
wind Wind
winter Winter
wolf Wolf
zebra Zebra

Thanks to Jan.