street or road

When do we use street and road?

Word Explanation Example
street in a village, town or city with houses on each side Let's meet in the High Street and then go shopping.
This village has only one street.
street map: used for towns/cities London Street Map
road in general Most road accidents are caused by careless driving.
a way for travelling They are always on the road.
to connect villages and towns The road to Norwich has been closed.
road map: used for areas/countries Scotland Road Map


There is no strict definition for street/road. The word Road is also used in towns. This is because these roads connected villages or town in former times. Today they are in a village or a town (suburb).Have a look at the London Tube Stations. Nearly all stations with Street in it are in the centre of the city (except: Tottenham Court Road, Edgeware Road, Glouchester Road).

Stations with ›Road‹ Stations with ›Street‹
Abbey Road Baker Street (city centre)
Blackhorse Road Bond Street (city centre)
Bow Road Cannon Street (city centre)
Caledonian Road Goodge Street (city centre)
Camden Road Great Portland Street (city centre)
Devons Road High Street Kensington (city centre)
Edgeware Road (city centre) Liverpool Street (city centre)
Finchley Road Old Street (city centre)
Glouchester Road (city centre) Shoreditch High Street (city centre)
Holloway Road Stratford High Street
Kilburn High Road Warren Street (city centre)
Latimer Road Watford High Street
Leayton Midland Road  
Leystone High Road  
Preston Road  
Tottenham Court Road (city centre)  
Walthamstow Queen's Road