disability, handicap or impairment

When do we use disability, handicap and impairment?

Word Explanation Example
disability used to refer to an on-the-job injury When you are disabled it can be even more difficult to find a job, especially if you have limitation because of your disability.
One is ›On disability‹ when they are being paid by their employer while recovering from the injury. disability benefit
handicap a specific ailment, injury, or infirmity that a person suffers from which limits their abiltity to function in a normal capacity Handicap parking spaces are restricted to authorized vehicles 24 hours daily.
This is the official term used when the Department of Motor Vehicles issues a special permit to allow the driver to park their car in a designated area, for example.
impairment the broadest term – it can mean that there is a disability or handicap, OR it can mean that the person has had too much too drink The man was driving a car while impaired by alcohol.

All three terms are pretty much interchangeable in many instances but most of the time each is used in a certain way.