Creative Writing in English

We talk about Creative Writing when we write a text about a special topic. There are various topics to write about when you learn a foreign language. Let's show some examples.

At an early stage you are able to write short texts e.g. about My hometown or My hobbies and interests. Intermediate learners are able to write texts about pros and cons, like: Which do you prefer? - holidays at home or abroad? Advanced students should write texts about more specific topics. Let's think of Martin Luther King and his words: "I have a dream."

Do not forget: Write simple sentences, don't make your structures too complicated
If you follow some rules, it's not complicated to write English texts.

  1. Read the task and think twice before you begin.
  2. Collect ideas. Make notes on a sheet of paper.
  3. Arrange your text, avoid repetitions. Think of an introduction and a conclusion.
  4. Write the draft.
  5. Read your text again and have a look at the vocabulary and the grammar. Use an English-English dictionary to check the usage of the words. Remind the word order in sentences and questions. Think of additional information you could use in your text.
  6. Write your text.
  7. Read your text again and watch for spelling mistakes.

Topics for Creative Writing