The flags of Wales, Northern Ireland and the Royal Standard

1. The Flag of Wales (The Welsh Dragon)


In 1300, King Edward of England made his son, Lord Edward, (born at Caernarfon Castle), Prince of Wales. In 1536 England and Wales officially united (under Henry VIII). The first Union Flag became the National Flag. This is the reason why the Welsh dragon is not in this flag.

2. The Flag of Northern Ireland

As Northern Irealand is part of the United Kingdon, there is no independent flag. The Union Jack is shown on official events.

Northern Ireland is not the same as Ulster. Ulster consists out of 9 provinces. 6 provinces form Northern Ireland and belong to the United Kingdom, the remaining 3 provinces are part of the Republic of Ireland.

2.1. The Flag of the Government in Northern Ireland from 1953 – 1972

Today this flag is often shown on sports contests. The red hand (the symbol of Ulster) is in the centre of the flag. The six points of the star represent the six provinces that belong to Northern Ireland.

2.2. The Flag of Ulster with the 9 Provinces

3. The Royal Standard

3.1. Types of the Royal Standard

This is the Royal Standard shown in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This is the Royal Standard shown in Scotland.

3.2 The old Scottish Flag

This is the Royal Flag of Scotland. It is used as is a second national flag, and also called the ›Rampant Lion‹. It is based on an older Scottish flag than the St. Andrew's Cross. It should, strictly speaking, now only be used by the monarch in relation to her capacity as Queen in Scotland.