At the restaurant – Role Play in an English Lesson

suitable for students from the age of 12

  • Time: about 10 lessons
  • Topic: The students are at a restaurant. They look for a table, order their meal and have dinner. Then they pay and leave.
  • Assessment: Every students in the group should get the same mark.

Lesson 1

Explain the project to the students. Let the students collect ideas. (Mindmap: At the restaurant/Food and drinks)

Lessons 2/3

Every student creates his/her own menu. You should have some sample menus ready to show your students. We've listed some useful phrases your students might help.

Lesson 4

The students create their own groups for the role play.

  • one student: waiter
  • other students: guests

In their groups the students select the best menu or create a new menu together. The students (or the teacher) copy this menu so that each student in the group can use the same.

Lesson 5

The students work out their own role play in the group and present it in the class. The other students check for mistakes.

Lessons 6/7

Rehearsal of the role play. Do not let the students use their notes. They should practise the role play free. The students must know what to bring (food and drinks) for the presentation.

Lessons 8/9

Presentation of the role plays of the groups in class. (90 mins are necessary because the students eat and drink.

Lesson 10

Evaluation of the role plays. (If you can, record them on video.)

Remarks: It could be a litte louder in your room. Prepare other teachers. If you have free rooms at your school, let the groups use them. If you record the role plays on video you have examples to show the next year. It is also great fun to watch this video again with the students when they are older.