Playing Bingo in English Lessons – Preparations

suitable for students from the age of 10

  • Time: about 10 minutes per round
  • Topic: The students repeat the numbers from 1-100 and the alphabet.
  • Assessment: none (could be performed in a contest)
  • Material:
    • 1 master grid for the game master (teacher or student)
    • 1 grid for each student or group of students)
    • 100 numbered cards with the numbers 1 through 100 on them. You can easily make them out of cardboard or use crowncaps or corks instead. You may also let your students make them.

Preparing the game

The teacher explains the rules of the game sketching grids on the board.

1. The students draw the grid.

2. The students write the word BINGO above the grid and colour the square in the middle.

3. The students write their choice of numbers into the grid.

  • first column (here letter B: choose numbers from 1-20)
  • second column (here letter I: 21-40)
  • third column (here letter N: 41-60)
  • fourth column (here letter G: 61-80)
  • fifth column (here letter O: 81-100)

The students can mix the numbers in the columns. You can see an example on the right.

Grid for quizmaster

This master grid is for checking the game. The grid should be large enough to make the numbered cards fit into the squares. You can download our sample master grid. (It's free.)

Playing the game