something, anything and other compounds

Compounds with some and any

The compounds with some and any are used like the single words some/any.

Compounds Sentences
something, anything There is something wrong with our car.
someone, anyone* There is someone at the door.
somebody, anybody* I would like to be somebody.
someday Someday he'll be rich.
sometime, anytime We saw her sometime last month.
sometimes I sometimes take the bus to school.
someplace, anyplace, somewhere, anywhere Can't you sing somewhere else?
somehow, anyhow, someway, anyway She looked ill, somehow.
anymore I can't help you anymore.

* The compounds someone/anyone and somebody/anybody are nearly identical.

What is the difference between someone and somebody?

someone is used for a more special person and somebody for a person in general.

  • There's someone at the door.
  • I'd like to be somebody.