Spelling of verbs in the Simple Present

How to add -s to the infintive in the Simple Present

Be careful with some words when using the 3rd person singular.

1. verbs ending in a sibilant [s] [z] [ʃ] [ʒ] [ʧ] [ʤ] or verbs ending in -o preceded by a consonant

We add -es to the infinitive.

  • I watch → he watches
  • I pass → he passes
  • I go → he goes
  • I do → he does

2. verbs ending in -y

Mind the letter that stands before -y.

Vowel before -y: Add -s.

  • I play → he plays

Consonant before -y: Change -y to -i. Then add -es.

  • I hurry → he hurries