Active – Passive in English Grammar

Active and Passive forms

We listed active and passive forms in the following table. We used the phrase I drive and put this phrase into the most common tenses.

Active (Simple Forms)
Simple Present I drive
Simple Past I drove
Present Perfect I have driven
Past Perfect I had driven
will-future I will drive
Future Perfect I will have driven
Conditional I would drive
Conditional Perefct I would have driven
Active (Progressive/Continuous Forms)
Present Progressive I am driving
Past Progressive I was driving
Present Perfect Progressive I have been driving
Past Perfect Progressive I had been driving
will-future Progressive I will be driving
Future Perfect Progressive I will have been driving
Conditional Progressive I would be driving
Conditional Perfect Progressive I would have been driving
Passive (Simple Forms)
Simple Present I am driven
Simple Past I was driven
Present Perfect I have been driven
Past Perfect I had been driven
will-future I will be driven
Future Perfect I will have been driven
Conditional I would be driven
Conditional Perfect I would have been driven
Passive (Progressive/Continuous Forms)
Present Progressive I am being driven
Past Progressive I was being driven
Present Perfect Progressive* I have been being driven
Past Perfect Progressive* I had been being driven
will-future Progressive* I will be being driven
Future Perfect Progressive* I will have been being driven
Conditional Progressive* I would be being driven
Conditional Perfect Progressive* I would have been being driven

* Tenses which are rarely used in everyday conversation.