Ordinal numbers – Spelling Exercise

Task No. 8279

Write the the ordinal numbers into the gaps (in words). Mind the example.

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December is the   month of the year. (12)


December is the twelfth month of the year.

  1. She's sitting in the row. (1)
  2. They are celebrating their anniversary. (25)
  3. The old man died on his birthday. (88)
  4. That was my accident this month. (2)
  5. It's his birthday. (21)
  6. Lisa was born on the of November. (11)
  7. June is the month of the year. (6)
  8. Our office is on the floor. (10)
  9. My house is the from the end on the right. (3)
  10. It's the time that I've been to America. (9)