Simple Present or will-future – Complex sentences – Exercise

Task No. 4703

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use the Simple Present or the will-future.

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Before I   (to decide) to buy the car, I   (to have) a test drive with my friend.


Before I decide to buy the car, I will have a test drive with my friend.

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Simple Present or will-future

  1. When I (to finish) the dishes, I (to help) you with your homework.
  2. Before I (to watch) the film, I (to phone) dad.
  3. She (to text) you as soon as she (to be) at the airport.
  4. By the time you (to arrive), I (to be) in bed.
  5. He (not/to go) home until he (to read) this report.
  6. I (to bring) some sandwiches in case we (to get) hungry.
  7. Unless she (to take) her work more seriously, she (to fail) the exams.
  8. We (not/to get in) until we (to buy) a ticket.
  9. You (to see) a yellow sign after you (to walk) for another 50 metres.
  10. Until you (to tidy) your room, you (not/to be allowed to) go out with your friends.