Simple Present or will-future – contrasted – Exercise

Task No. 4449

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use the Simple Present or the will-future.

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If Rick   (to have) time, he   (to visit) his aunt.


If Rick has time, he will visit his aunt. or
If Rick has time, he'll visit his aunt.

  1. If you (to leave) now, you (to catch) the bus.
  2. She (to take) a photo as soon as she (to find) her camera.
  3. Eric (to lend) you his power bank if you (to ask) him.
  4. We (to wait) until Alex (to get) here.
  5. If it (to rain), we (to wear) a raincoat.
  6. If they (to book) the hotel today, they (to pay) only $50.
  7. Lisa (to be) very happy if we (to buy) her some cupcakes.
  8. He (to phone) you after he (to finish) his dinner.
  9. If it (to be) cold outside, I (to read) a book at home.
  10. They (to go) shopping before they (to go) on holiday.