Simple Present → Simple Past – Negation of verbs – Exercise 2

Task No. 4533

Rewrite the verbs of the first part of the sentence in their negative forms into the gaps. Mind the Simple Past.

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We often listen to music, but yesterday we   to it.


We often listen to music, but yesterday we didn't listen to it.

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English Tenses

  1. She usually rides her bike to school, but yesterday she it.
  2. I usually sleep in on Saturdays, but last week I in.
  3. Sarah often takes photos, but yesterday she photos.
  4. The boys often have fun at school, but last Monday they fun.
  5. Grandmother often reads books, but she any a week ago.
  6. Kevin is always late, but last Friday he late.
  7. The Smiths often fly to Spain on holiday, but they there last summer.
  8. The teacher often wears shirts, but last Monday he one.
  9. I often visit my aunt on Sundays, but last Sunday I her.
  10. Her brother often draws pictures, but yesterday he one.