Simple Present or Present Progressive/Continuous – Exercise 3

Task No. 4415

Use the verbs in brackets in the Simple Present or in the Present Progressive. Watch the types of sentences (affirmative statements, negations or questions).

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  Chris   for his brother now? (to wait)


Is Chris waiting for his brother now?

  1. Look! That lady her uniform. (not/to wear)
  2. Our cat seldom on the sofa. (to lie)
  3. they at the moment? (to text)
  4. I supermarkets, but my father doesn't. (to like)
  5. What the man in our garden? (to do)
  6. We the bus to school. (not/to take)
  7. Where you from? (to come)
  8. your girlfriend always green T-shirts? (to wear)
  9. I a cup of tea now. (to have)
  10. the boy in the pool right now? (to swim)