Simple Present or Simple Past – questions – Exercise

Task No. 4699

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps and form questions. Use the Simple Present or the Simple Past.

Mind all words in brackets.

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  the match last Wednesday? (Jack/to watch)


Did Jack watch the match last Wednesday?

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Simple Present or Simple Past

  1. the film last night? (you/to watch)
  2. in the shop every Saturday? (Tim/to help)
  3. a new car in 2019? (they/to buy)
  4. volleyball? (the boys/often/to play)
  5. the office yesterday morning? (she/to phone)
  6. Where Dylan an hour ago? (Alisha/to meet)
  7. Why jeans? (you/never/to wear)
  8. the dishwasher last Tuesday? (Pat/to repair)
  9. When breakfast on Sundays? (they/to have)
  10. with a power adapter? (the smartphone/always/to come)