Simple Present – Negations – Contracted forms – Exercise 3

Task No. 4661

Complete the sentences.

Use contracted/short forms of the auxiliaries only.

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John   comics. (not/to read)


John doesn't read comics.

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Form of the Simple Present

  1. My friend an alarm clock. (not/to have)
  2. We fish at home. (not/to eat)
  3. I to work on Saturdays. (not/to want)
  4. She to school by bus. (not/to go)
  5. You maths. (not/to like)
  6. Her dad before 5 o’clock. (not/to get up)
  7. John and Kate coffee. (not/to drink)
  8. He in a big town. (not/to live)
  9. They after their pets. (not/to look)
  10. We karate. (not/to do)