Rules – Simple Past – Exercise

Task No. 4131

In this exercise you can test your knowledge about the Simple Past.
Choose the correct answers from the drop down menu or put in the missing words.

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Simple Past

  1. I use the Simple Past for
  2. Typical signal words for he Simple Past are
  3. I add to the infinitive of regular verbs.
  4. If the regular verbs ends in -e, I only add to the infinitive.
  5. With irregular verbs I use the form in the
  6. I use to form the negative.
  7. The contracted form for did + not is .
  8. I use in object questions.
  9. I use in subject questions.
  10. The verb be can have two forms in the Simple Past.
    I use with I, he, she, it and with we, you, they.