Simple Past or Present Perfect – Exercise 3

Task No. 4435

Put in the phrases in brackets into the gaps. Use Simple Past or Present Perfect.

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I   tennis since I   at school. (not/to play – to be)


I have not played tennis since I was at school.

  1. They all the new words. They needn't worry about the test. (to learn)
  2. Three people him in hospital last Friday. (to visit)
  3. Martin for 50 miles on scenic routes three weeks ago. (to cycle)
  4. We chicken Tandoori before. (never/to try)
  5. a job yet? (you/to find)
  6. Emily and Molly each other for more than 10 years now. (to know)
  7. First he to the announcement, then he to a café for a drink. (to listen - to go)
  8. She late four times this week. (to be)
  9. What's that lovely smell in here? - Jasmin a yummy cake. (to bake)
  10. The Titanic an iceberg in 1912 and within three hours. (to hit - to sink)