Simple Past – Negation of sentences in English – Exercise 2

Task No. 4117

Negate the first sentence in each task. Write the negation of the verbs in bold into the correct gaps.

You can use long or short (contracted) forms of the auxiliaries.

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Jack wrote a text message. → Jack   a text message.


Jack wrote a text message. → Jack did not write a text message. or
Jack wrote a text message. → Jack didn't write a text message.

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Form of the Simple Past

  1. Andy bought a new shirt. → Andy a new shirt.
  2. They went shopping last Friday. → They shopping last Friday.
  3. She had a bath in the morning. → She a bath in the morning.
  4. We felt like a big ice→cream. → We like a big ice→cream.
  5. The students sat down. → The students down.
  6. Marie ran home. → Marie home.
  7. The managers shook hands on the deal. → The managers hands on the deal.
  8. William rode a horse. → William a horse.
  9. The nurse took Peter's temperature. → The nurse Peter's temperature.
  10. I understood what the teacher said. → I what the teacher said.