Questions and answers in the Simple Present – Exercise

Task No. 4693

Use the verbs in brackets and form questions with question words and their answers in the Simple Present . Mind the example.

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When   Bella   breakfast? → She   breakfast at 6:30. (to have)


When does Bella have breakfast? → Se has breakfast at 6:30.

  1. Where they after work? → They in a café. (to meet)
  2. Where Ella ? → She in Dublin. (to live)
  3. When you in the garden? → I in the garden every afternoon. (to work)
  4. Where he volleyball? → He volleyball in the gym. (to play)
  5. What sport you in winter? → We snowboarding. (to watch)
  6. What you at lunch? → I water. (to drink)
  7. When Henry to the office? → He to the office at 7 o'clock. (to go)
  8. How you your toast? → I my toast with jam. (to like)
  9. When she home on Mondays? → She home at 5 o'clock. (to come)
  10. What your cat usually ? → She usually chicken. (to eat)