Present Progressive – Statements – Short forms – Exercise 1

Task No. 4057

Put in the verb in brackets into the gaps and form affirmative sentences in Present Progressive.

Use short/contracted forms of the auxiliaries only.

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She  a newspaper. (to read)


She's reading a newspaper.

  1. He a film. (to watch)
  2. We a computer game. (to play)
  3. Look at that dog. It at the cat. (to bark)
  4. He his rabbits. (to feed)
  5. They a song. (to sing)
  6. She her hair. (to wash)
  7. I to Doris. (to talk)
  8. She a picture. (to draw)
  9. They their mother. (to help)
  10. You the poem by heart. (to learn)