Present Progressive – Sentences – Spelling of verbs – Exercise

Task No. 4667

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use the Present Progressive. Mind the spelling the verbs.

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We   in the pool. (to swim)


We are swimming in the pool. or
We're swimming in the pool.

  1. They to the park. (to run)
  2. His mum photos. (to take)
  3. We frisbee. (to play)
  4. She breakfast. (to make)
  5. My brother on the floor. (to sit)
  6. I a sandwich. (to buy)
  7. He a friend. (to phone)
  8. John in a plane. (to fly)
  9. They Olivia to their party. (to invite)
  10. Ian a shower. (to have)