Sentences and questions in Present Progressive – Exercise 2

Task No. 4073

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use Present Progressive/Present Continuous. Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions.

Show example


  they   the girl? (to bully)


Are they bullying the girl?

Do you need help?

Present Progressive

  1. He her name. (not/to shout)
  2. We nice photos. (to take)
  3. Phil the exercise? (to explain)
  4. What you here? (to do)
  5. I on the sofa. (not/to sit)
  6. The cat on the carpet. (not/to lie)
  7. they to radio now? (to listen)
  8. The eagle the mouse. (to catch)
  9. Why Ruth for money? (to ask)
  10. The boys into the pool. (not/to dive)