Present Perfect or Present Perfect Progressive – Exercise

Task No. 4441

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use either the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Progressive. Mind the word order.

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How long  ? (your sister/to drive)


How long has your sister been driving?

  1. How long Gerry? (you/to know)
  2. You look dirty. What all day? (you/to do)
  3. How many times New York? (Charles/to visit)
  4. She French words for hours, but she still doesn't remember all of them. (to learn)
  5. The children videos for two hours. (to watch)
  6. hard today? (he/to study)
  7. My father . (never/to smoke)
  8. Sorry, I'm late. for long? (you/to wait)
  9. We Lisa recently. (not/to see)
  10. He his essay all day, but he yet. (to write) (not/to finish)