Present Perfect – Statements and Questions – Exercise 3

Task No. 4727

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use Present Perfect. Mind the types of the sentences.

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  the meeting   yet? (to start)


Has the meeting started yet?

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Present Perfect

  1. We in this house for five years. (to live)
  2. I never to Asia. (to be)
  3. Larry ever to New York City? (to be)
  4. the package yet? (to arrive)
  5. My friends Toronto twice. (to visit)
  6. He how to play the guitar. (to learn)
  7. She her work for the day. (not/to finish)
  8. you ever sushi before? (to try)
  9. How long you John? (to know)
  10. He his keys and can't find them anywhere. (to lose)