Sentences and questions in the Present Perfect – Exercise 2

Task No. 4163

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use Present Perfect. Mind the types of the sentences and the signal words (if given).

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  the car  ? (you/to clean/yet)


Have you cleaned the car yet?

Do you need help?

Present Perfect

  1. I in a restaurant before. (never/to work)
  2. the school bus? (Robin/to miss/ever)
  3. They each other a long time now. (to know/for)
  4. your hair ? (you/to dye/yet)
  5. She to India twice. (to be)
  6. My parents me a lot I lost my job. (to help/since)
  7. He his teeth . (not/to brush/yet)
  8. We the apple tree. (already/to plant)
  9. Tom a lot I last saw him. (to grow up/since)
  10. Ken and Fred to go to the party . (not/to decide/yet)