Sentences in the Present Perfect with already and yet – Exercise

Task No. 4159

Say what you have already done (+) today and what you have not done yet (-).

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I  . (+/already/lay the table)


I have already laid the table.

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Present Perfect

  1. I . (+/already/to listen to music)
  2. I . (-/not/to go swimming/yet)
  3. I . (+/already/to take some photos)
  4. I . (+/already/to help Jane in the kitchen)
  5. I . (+/already/to play my guitar)
  6. I . (+/already/to go out with my friends)
  7. I . (-/not/to wash my shirts/yet)
  8. I . (+/already/to make my bed)
  9. I . (+/already/to do the washing-up)
  10. I . (-/not/to speak to my maths teacher/yet)