Questions in the Past Perfect – Exercise

Task No. 1399

Put in the words in brackets into the gaps. Use the verbs in Past Perfect.

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  the summary by the time it was due? (Gerry/to hand in)


Had Gerry handed in the summary by the time it was due?

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Form of the Past Perfect

  1. the instructions before they switched on the mobile phone? (they/to read)
  2. the new words before she texted her friend? (the girl/to learn)
  3. the office before they drove away? (they/to ring)
  4. What before she turned on the TV? (Lucy/to do)
  5. the software before he switched off the computer? (Walter/to update)
  6. What before she ran away? (she/to find)
  7. the onions before he hurried to the window? (Tim/to cut)
  8. here before? (you/to surf)
  9. to Lisa before she prepared dinner? (Peggy/to talk)
  10. to London before you went there in 2015? (you/ever/to be)