Tenses in English – Statements an Questions – Mixed Exercise 3

Task No. 4721

Put in the words in brackets in the correct tenses.

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How long   before the taxi arrived? (you/to wait)


How long had you been waiting before the taxi arrived?

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English tenses

  1. I think I a cheese sandwich for lunch. (to have)
  2. They football match from 5 to 7 yesterday evening. (to watch)
  3. Look at the traffic. We late. (to be)
  4. We a video when the phone . (to record) (to ring)
  5. You my cola! (to drink)
  6. Olivia a book while her dad a game. (to read) (to play)
  7. When I to Walter, the baby . (to come) (to sleep)
  8. I Nancy while I in the park yesterday. (not/to meet) (to jog)
  9. What are your plans after leaving school? – I in a hospital. (to work)
  10. She breakfast. (not/often/to have)