Tenses in English – Statements an Questions – Mixed Exercise 2

Task No. 4719

Put in the words in brackets in the correct tenses.

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I   Tom this morning. (to meet)


I met Tom this morning.

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English tenses

  1. Ian hard yesterday. (to work)
  2. Be quiet! The baby . (to sleep)
  3. Where Tom an hour ago? (to be)
  4. The train to Vienna at 10 every day. (to leave)
  5. It's cold today. Doris a warm coat. (to wear)
  6. There any rain in London tomorrow. (not/to be)
  7. Water at 100 °C. (to boil)
  8. Max turned off the light and to bed. (to go)
  9. Jack can't find his smartphone. – I him look for it. (to help)
  10. School in September and it in July. (to start) (to finish)