Tenses in English – Statements and Questions – Mixed Exercise

Task No. 4717

Put in the words in brackets in the correct tenses.

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She   to school every day. (to walk)


She walks to school every day.

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English tenses

  1. I Alice last night. (to see)
  2. The new restaurant on Saturday. (to open)
  3. She her mum at the moment. (to text)
  4. Olivia in San Francisco a week ago. (to arrive)
  5. She always a shower in the morning. (to have)
  6. Cats milk. (to drink)
  7. My brother our grandma yesterday. (to visit)
  8. What now? (you/to do)
  9. They this castle in the 16th century. (to build)
  10. you at the party last Saturday? (to be)