Reported speech – statements with expressions of time – Exercise

Task No. 2313

Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

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Peter: "I cleaned the black shoes yesterday."
Peter told me (that)  


Peter told me (that) he had cleaned the black shoes the day before.

  1. Emily: "Our teacher will go to Leipzig tomorrow."
    Emily said (that) .
  2. Helen: "I was writing a letter yesterday."
    Helen told me (that) .
  3. Robert: "My father flew to Dallas last year."
    Robert told me (that) .
  4. Lisa: "Tim went to the stadium an hour ago."
    Lisa said (that) .
  5. Patricia: "My mother will celebrate her birthday next weekend."
    Patricia said (that) .
  6. Michael: "I am going to read a book this week."
    Michael said to me (that) .
  7. Jason and Victoria: "We will do our best in the exams tomorrow."
    Jason and Victoria told me (that) .
  8. Andrew: "We didn't eat fish two days ago."
    Andrew remarked (that) .
  9. Alice: "I spent all my pocket money on Monday."
    Alice complained (that) .
  10. David: "John had already gone at six."
    David said (that) .