Reported speech – Simple Present – Sentences – Exercise

Task No. 2331

Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

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Abigail: "Isabella hates fish."
Abigail said (that)  


Abigail said (that) Isabella hated fish.

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Reported speech

  1. Helen: "I speak English and Spanish."
    Helen said (that) .
  2. Ken: "Joy often reads comics."
    Ken said (that) .
  3. Harry and Marie: "We go swimming in the lake."
    Harry and Marie told me (that) .
  4. Madison: "I'm tired."
    Madison remarked (that) .
  5. Amy: "The boys always wear jeans."
    Amy told me (that) .
  6. Oliver and Noah: "Our smartphones don't work."
    Oliver and Noah mentioned (that) .
  7. Lisa: "Alan sometimes meets friends."
    Lisa said (that) .
  8. Andrew: "I really love my moped."
    Andrew said (that) .
  9. Nick: "You have a fast car."
    Nick remarked (that) .
  10. Josie: "Your dogs are cute."
    Josie told me (that) .