Pronouns in Reported speech – Exercise

Task No. 2317

Put in the correct pronouns into the sentences in Reported speech. Choose from the dropdown menu and mind the given parts of the sentences.

  1. Jacob: "I work in an office."
    Jacob told me (that) worked in an office.
  2. Ryan and Lucas: "We play football."
    Ryan and Lucas told me (that) played football.
  3. Victoria: "I like my cat."
    Victoria told me (that) liked cat.
  4. Henry: "Can you see me?"
    Henry asked me if could see .
  5. Julian: "I will have to borrow your pencil."
    Julian told me (that) would have to borrow pencil.
  6. Melanie: "My father is Jamaican."
    Melanie told me (that) father is Jamaican.
  7. Emma and Doris: "Can we use your camera?"
    Emma and Doris asked me if could use camera.
  8. Leah: "How is your journey?"
    Leah asked me how journey was.
  9. Isabella and Ella: "We love our pets."
    Isabella and Ella told me (that) loved pets.
  10. Grandmother: "Please bring me a cup of my tea."
    Grandmother told me to bring a cup of tea.