Pronouns in Reported speech – Exercise

Task No. 2317

Put in the correct pronouns into the sentences in Reported speech. Choose from the drop down menu and mind the given parts of the sentences.

  1. Jacob, "I work in an office."
    Jacob told me (that) worked in an office.
  2. Ryan and Lucas, "We play football."
    Ryan and Lucas told me (that) played football.
  3. Victoria, "I like my cat."
    Victoria told me (that) liked cat.
  4. Henry, "Can you see me?"
    Henry asked me if could see .
  5. Julian, "I will have to borrow your pencil."
    Julian told me (that) would have to borrow pencil.
  6. Melanie, "My father is Jamaican."
    Melanie told me (that) father is Jamaican.
  7. Emma and Doris, "Can we use your camera?"
    Emma and Doris asked me if could use camera.
  8. Leah, "How is your journey?"
    Leah asked me how journey was.
  9. Isabella and Ella, "We love our pets."
    Isabella and Ella told me (that) loved pets.
  10. Grandmother, "Please bring me a cup of my tea."
    Grandmother told me to bring a cup of tea.