Reported commands – affirmative sentences – Exercise

Task No. 2327

Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary.

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Peter, "Clean the black shoes!"
Peter told me  


Peter told me to clean the black shoes.

  1. Andrew, "Clean the blue bike!"
    Andrew told me .
  2. Jessica, "Write a text message!"
    Jessica told me .
  3. Nelly, "Help Peter's sister!"
    Nelly told me .
  4. Fred, "Wash your hands!"
    Fred told me .
  5. Anna, "Open the window!"
    Anna told me .
  6. Tom, "Come at 8!"
    Tom told me .
  7. Teacher, "Do your homework!"
    The teacher told me .
  8. Doris, "Dance with me!"
    Doris told me .
  9. Sabine, "Meet Sandy at the station!"
    Sabine told me .
  10. Victoria, "Check your e-mails!"
    Victoria told me .