Questions with question words in the Simple Past – Exercise

Task No. 1417

Use the words in brackets and form questions with question words. Mind the correct tense (Simple Past) and the word order.

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When  ? (you/to come back)


When did you come back?

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Questions in the Simple Past

  1. What ? (he/to do/first)
  2. Where ? (you/to go/after the meeting)
  3. How ? (to be/your flight)
  4. When ? (they/to arrive/in Liverpool)
  5. Where ? (grandma/to put/her glasses)
  6. Why ? – I like it. (I/to buy/it)
  7. What ? (Sarah/to read/in the lunch break)
  8. Why ? – It was terrible. (we/to leave/so early)
  9. What ? (to be/your favourite songs/last year)
  10. How ? (you/to feel/at the office/on your first day)