Questions in Present Perfect – Exercise 2

Task No. 1369

Use the words in brackets and form questions in Present Perfect Simple. Mind the word order.

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  the car  ? (she/to clean/yet)


Has she cleaned the car yet?

  1. here five years? (John/to live/for)
  2. the e-mail to grandma ? (the twins/to write/yet)
  3. Why so much money on sweets? (Dan/to spend)
  4. the talk in history ? (Sophie/to prepare/yet)
  5. the house before their parents in the morning? (they/to leave/ever)
  6. How often in the last maths lesson? (you/to yawn)
  7. the round table for us ? (waiter/to lay/yet)
  8. What ? (Olivia/to do/lately)
  9. Where in the USA ? (you/to be)
  10. Why the tyres ? (you/not/to check/yet)