Pronouns in English – Mixed Exercise

Task No. 3167

Use the personal pronoun in brackets in its subject or object form or as a possessive determiner or a possessive pronoun.

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Can   and   sister come to the meeting? (you)


Can you and your sister come to the meeting?

  1. We can phone my grandma and ask . (she)
  2. Are your friends? (they)
  3. is working on presentation. (she)
  4. Excuse , can ask a question? (I)
  5. can ride skateboards. (they)
  6. is friend. (he)
  7. This is not jacket, was blue. (I)
  8. bought it for . (she)
  9. These two cats are . (we)
  10. don't eat potatoes because don't like . (they)