Zero Conditional – Exercise

Task No. 2071

Use the verbs in brackets and form zero conditional sentences.

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If you   (to press) the green button, the lights   (to turn) on.


If you press the green button, the lights turn on.

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Zero Conditional

  1. If you (to mix) red and green, you (to get) brown.
  2. If you (to drop) a glass on the floor(to drop), it (to break).
  3. If babies (to be) hungry, they (to cry).
  4. When you (to add) sugar, the sauce (to taste) sweet.
  5. Water (to boil) if you (to heat) it to 100 °C.
  6. Plants (to die) if they (not/to get) enough water.
  7. If you (to put) water in the freezer, it (to become) ice.
  8. When the sun (to rise), the street lights (to go out).
  9. When you (to heat) ice, it (to melt).
  10. He always (to take) his umbrella when it (to rain).