Conditional sentences III – mixed with negations – Exercise

Task No. 2051

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type III. Mind the position of the if-clause.

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I   (to bake) a cake if I   (to know) that they were coming.


I would have baked a cake if I had known that they were coming. or
I'd have baked a cake if I'd known that they were coming.

  1. If it (to be) warmer, we (to go) swimming.
  2. My parents (to buy) this house if the man (not/to sell) it to someone else.
  3. If he (not/to fail) his driving test, his parents (to lend) him their car.
  4. If my uncle (to tell) me the way to his office, I (not/to arrive) so late.
  5. She (to be) at the airport if she (to read) the message carefully.
  6. Lucy (not/to hurt) her foot if she (not/to drop) the old box on it.
  7. If you (to use) a sharp knife, you (not/to cut) yourself.
  8. If Victoria (to celebrate) her birthday at home, I (to bring) her some flowers.
  9. We (to take) the train to Edinburgh if it (to run) on time.
  10. If Max (not/to forget) his schoolbag, he (to give) you your USB flash drive.