Conditional sentences III – mixed – Exercise

Task No. 2049

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type III. Mind the position of the if-clause.

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Thomas   (not/to buy) a new car if he   (to win) won 10,000 euros.


Thomas would not have bought a new car if he had won 10,000 euros. or
Thomas wouldn't have bought a new car if he'd won 10,000 euros.

  1. If he (to come) earlier, he (to meet) Tina.
  2. The water in the pool (to be) warmer if the sun (to shine) more often.
  3. If Betty (to write) more applications, she (to get) an apprenticeship.
  4. If I (to see) you, I (to talk) to you.
  5. We (to give) the man the documents if we (to know) him.
  6. If you (to phone) me, I (to record) the show.
  7. They (to understand) the film if they (to read) the book.
  8. If the car (to turn) left, the old lady (to cross) the street.
  9. If she (to notice) the red traffic light, she (to stop).
  10. The boys (to win) the match if they (to train) regularly.