Conditional sentences II – mixed – Exercise

Task No. 2029

Put the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Form a Conditional sentence – type II. Mind the position of the if-clause.

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Thomas   (not/to buy) a new car if he   (to win) 10,000 Euros.


Thomas would not buy a new car if he won 10,000 euros. or
Thomas wouldn't buy a new car if he won 10,000 euros.

  1. If you (to help) your grandma, I (to do) the shopping.
  2. Andrew (to water) the flowers if he (to stay) at home.
  3. If she (to have) 5 pounds more, she (to buy) herself this T-shirt.
  4. If they (to offer) me the job, I (to take) it.
  5. You (to have) summer holidays from June till August if you (to live) in the USA.
  6. We (to sell) the bike for 20 euros if Ron (to repair) it.
  7. If you (to use) a pencil, the drawing (to be) perfect.
  8. The children (to be) happy if he (to teach) them English.
  9. If Ireen (to visit) us, we (to go) out tonight.
  10. They (to come) again if he (to plan) a second stay.