Conditional sentences, type I to III, Multiple Choice – Exercise 2

Task No. 2063

Form Conditional sentences using the forms from the drop down menu. Mind the positions of the if clauses and the negations.

  1. If it rains, the boys hockey.
  2. If he his own vegetables, he wouldn't have to buy them.
  3. Jim whisky distilleries if he travelled to Scotland.
  4. Would you go out more often if you so much in the house?
  5. She wouldn't have yawned the whole day if she late last night.
  6. If you a minute, I'll come with you.
  7. If we arrived at 10, we Tyler's presentation.
  8. We John if we'd known about his problems.
  9. If they new batteries, their camera would have worked correctly.
  10. If I could go anywhere, it New Zealand.