Things in the kitchen – Paraphrasing – Exercise

Task No. 6239

Find the correct English word for the given phrase.

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a chamber in which food is kept cold →  


a chamber in which food is kept cold → fridge

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Vocabulary List – Kitchen

  1. a round container open at the top →
  2. a type of powder or seed (used to give flavour to food) →
  3. soft yellow fat made from cream or milk →
  4. part of a cooker with a door →
  5. thick liquid food prepared from milk (bacteria are added to it) →
  6. a basin in the kitchen (connected to the water supply →
  7. an instrument for stirring eggs →
  8. white or brown powder (used for making bread and cake) →
  9. it is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom →
  10. you use it for cutting →