Robin Hood – Exercise

Task No. 6615

Fill in the the following words into the gaps.
ancient, ballads, band, been, English, evidence, figure, his, king, lips, name, no, outlaws, sung, than, this, the, was, wrapped

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Customs and Traditions

  1. Of all the popular heroes of the people, none has ever achieved an equal and fame with Robin Hood. For more six hundred years, songs and ballads of famous outlaw have been familiar on the of the peasantry. Kings and princes have forgotten, but not Robin Hood and his of bold followers in merry Sherwood Forest. adventures were told in rhymes, which were at village merry-makings. We have no clear of Robin Hood's life history: all is in the dim mist of legend and history. There are students of the old and stories who say that Robin Hood an actual leader in Sherwood Forest, a of the greenwood, a true and living , and there are others who say that doings of a famous band of have gathered about his name, and that real Robin Hood existed.