Navajos – Exercise

Task No. 6671

Fill in the following words into the gaps.
Arizona, brush, customs, dies, down, dry, farming, firewood, horses, houses, into, miles, moving, people, reservation, round, stands, still, towns, tribe, used, white

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Customs and Traditions

  1. The Navajos, the biggest of Indians in America, occupy a that is roughly roughly 28,000 square. It is a sparse, land. Most of it is in , but it extends Utah and New Mexico. The Navajos are a pastoral , constantly with their sheep and cattle and . They do little ; they have no , or even permanent homes. Wherever they go they build new , or hogans, which are oneroom huts made of logs and and chinked with mud. The Navajos stick to the beliefs and of old. When a Navajo in his house, it is never again. The family smashes in the back of the house, and there it , sacred and taboo, till it falls . Sometimes men tear down the ruins and use the logs for .