Comparison of adjectives with as ... as – Exercise

Task No. 1031

Use either as ... as or not as ... as in the sentences below.

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Ben Nevis is   Mont Blanc. (not/high)


Ben Nevis is not as high as Mont Blanc.

  1. The blue car is the red car. (fast)
  2. Peter is Fred. (not/tall)
  3. The violin is the cello. (not/low)
  4. This copy is the other one. (bad)
  5. Oliver is Peter. (optimistic)
  6. Today it's yesterday. (not/windy)
  7. The tomato soup was the mushroom soup. (delicious)
  8. Grapefruit juice is lemonade. (not/sweet)
  9. Nick is Kevin. (brave)
  10. Silver is gold. (not/heavy)