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Hallo es wäre toll,wenn einer von euch diesen Text korrigiert:

Dear Nancy!
My name is J.D . I am in your class and I really love you.
Perhaps I can meet you after school.
Then we can go along the bean fields.
Or we drive to Hastings on Sunday. There we can go to a movie theater and watch a movie.
Or we go to the big swimming-pool.
So if you want to meet me,phone me.
My telephone number is : 6137.
Your J.D !

PS: Ich bin in der 8. Klasse eines Gymnasiums!

Liebe Grüße Andre F.! :wink:

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Andre F. hat geschrieben:Dear Nancy,

My name is J.D. and as you might know I am in your class.
Perhaps we can meet after school to get to know each other better.

I guess, we could walk along the bean fields or drive to Hastings on Sunday.
There we could go to a cinema to watch a movie or go to the big swimming-pool.

Anyway, please call me, because I'm really looking forward to meeting you.
My telephone number is : 6137

Take care,

Until now J.D. has a crush on Nancy.
"I really love you." is a phrase he can use after he had time to get to know her.
Using it too early is usually very surprising and rather scary for the other person. supplied without liability.
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