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Re: Hello!!!

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andy55 hat geschrieben:I think, it is rather hard to learn a foreign language up to the point that you can speak it perfectly and fluently.
In my opinion teaching a foreign language as a non-native speaker must be very difficult too.
Hey guys, you didn't ask me personally, of course, but I hope I might answer the question anyway.
I'm a German student currently studying in the UK and I like to use English even in my spare time... :D
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Re: Hello!!!

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@ Duckduck: I was excited to read, how the forum welcomed me. And thanks too, that you corrected my sentences.

@ Mel_B: At the moment, I feel great. Thanks for the question. :) Nobody had thought that my body so fast regenerate. Especially it was not sure that I kept alive. But after the whole story, I'm really happy that I feel fine again.

It is pity that your job i'snt so interesting. But wait, maybe it become more interesting. I don't know how old are you, but take it easy. I think you will manage it. ;)

Good luck and best regards
Arne (Sinner)